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Tips to Optimize Blog with Plus UI 2.7.* [Pre-Preparation]

This post is published in order to prepare your blog for Plus UI 2.7.*, so that you don't need to worry after upgrading.
Note that Plus UI 2.7 (major update) is not yet released, and expected to release in Q2 2024.
Sorry for too much delay, I am unable to work on the updates due to my studies. Please bear it.
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I am not good at English, if you find any mistake. Feel free to comment so that I can fix it and make Plus UI Documentations more readable and easier to understand.

Plus UI 2.7 is targeted for "Easy Customisation", "Material UI 3 Design", "Smooth Transitions", "Better Documentation", "Better License Management".



While uploading images or videos, make sure that the filename does not contain special characters i.e ', ", ( and ). Try to use only alphabets and numbers.

Why so?

If you are familiar with CSS (Cascading Style Sheets), you might have learnt about CSS property backgound-image, Plus UI uses this property in inline style of few elements in order to display images i.e. Related Posts images, Post Navigation images, etc., an HTML example has been shown below:

<div class='image' style='background-image: url("./my-image.webp");'></div>

If image url or filename contains ", i.e ./my-image"2.webp, I will look as below which is invalid:

<div class='image' style='background-image: url("./my-image".webp");'></div>

The latest update will handle this issue which was resulting in not displaying some images, but it is still recommended to keep your images or videos filename as described above.

Post Snippets

In your post, add a jump break after your first paragraph.

You can click on the icon show below in Compose Mode to add a jump break.

Insert Jump Break

Alternatively, you can add the following comment in HTML Mode to add a jump break:


To display custom snippet for your post, add the following at the top of your post in HTML Mode:

<!--[ Post Snippet ]-->
<p class='hidden'>Post snippet goes here.</p>

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