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How to Setup Google Translate

Google Translate
Fineshop Design | Google Translate

Google Translate Widget is an Webpage Translator by Google, through which users can translate the webpages in their native languages.

Add Google Translate

Here are some steps to add Google Translate to your Blog.

Don't forget to take a Theme Backup before making any changes.

Step 1: Login to Blogger.

Step 2: Go to Layout Menu.

Step 3: In Header Icon Widget, add a Text Item Translate.

Now, Google Translate icon will appear on your Blog Header.

Replace Languages

The next step is to replace Page Language and Included Languages.

Change Page Language

Step 4: Now go to Theme HTML Editor.

Step 5: Find the following codes:

gTranslate: {
  pageLang: "en",
  includedLangs: "en,hi,gu,bn,ta,te,mr,ne",
  autoDisplay: "true",
  multiLangPage: "false"

Step 6: Replace the marked language code with your Page Language Code, i.e. if your page language is Hindi, replace it with hi.

List of language codes is provided below:

Language Codes
Code Language
id Indonesia
js Jawa
su Sunda
en English
vi Vietnam
zh-CN China (Aks. Sederhana)
zh-TW China (Aks. Tradisional)
th Thailand
ru Rusia
ms Melayu
ko Korea
ja Jepang
it Italia
hi Hindi
fr Prancis
es Spanyol
de Jerman
ar Arab
ps Pashto
pt Portugis
hmn Hmong
hr Kroat
ht Kreol Haiti
hu Magyar
yi Yiddi
hy Armenia
yo Yoruba
ig Igbo
af Afrikans
is Islan
am Amhara
iw Ibrani
az Azerbaijan
zu Zulu
ro Rumania
ceb Cebuano
be Belarussia
bg Bulgaria
rw Kinyarwanda
bn Bengali
bs Bosnia
sd Sindhi
ka Georgia
si Sinhala
sk Slovakia
sl Slovenia
sm Samoa
sn Shona
so Somali
sq Albania
ca Katala
sr Serb
kk Kazak
st Sesotho
km Khmer
sv Swensk
sw Swahili
ku Kurdi
co Korsika
ta Tamil
ky Kirghiz
cs Ceko
te Telugu
tg Tajik
la Latin
lb Luksemburg
cy Wales
tk Turkmen
tl Tagalog
da Denmark
tt Tatar
lt Lituania
lv Latvia
ug Uyghur
uk Ukraina
mg Malagasi
mi Maori
ur Urdu
mk Makedonia
haw Hawaii
ml Malayalam
mn Mongol
mr Marathi
uz Uzbek
mt Malta
el Yunani
eo Esperanto
my Burma
et Estonia
eu Basque
ne Nepal
fa Farsi
nl Belanda
no Norsk
fi Finlandia
ny Chichewa
fy Frisia
ga Gaelig
gd Gaelik Skotlandia
gl Galisia
xh Xhosa
pa Punjabi
ha Hausa
pl Polandia
ps Pashto
pt Portugis
ht Kreol Haiti
is Islan
lo Laos
or Odia (Oriya)
gu Gujarati
tr Turki

If your page contains more than one language, for i.e. your article consists of both Hindi and English languages, replace the marked false with true in above code.

Change Included Languages

To change the included languages in the widget, i.e. suppose you want to include languages like Hindi, Indonesian, etc. The widget will show only these languages in language list.

gTranslate: {
  pageLang: "en",
  includedLangs: "en,hi,gu,bn,ta,te,mr,ne",
  autoDisplay: "true",
  multiLangPage: "true"

Step 7: Replace the marked part with your desired language codes and separate them with commas , i.e. to include languages like Hindi, Indonesian, Bengali, Tamil, replace it with hi,id,bn,ta.

That's done. Save Changes and refresh your Blog Page.

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Contacting Us

Feel free to contact us through Contact Page or reach us on Telegram (@deo_kumar) if you are facing any problem while following the steps described above.

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  1. Good template
  2. Is Google Translate Widget working properly, Sir?
    1. It's working properly in latest patch.
  3. Bunu nasıl ekleyebilirim video larak anlattsaydiniz be kodu koplayadik tan sonra nereye yapistiracaz Translate metini oluşturduk tan sonra kod vermisiniz onu nereye yapistiracaz lütfen yanıt verin veya video olarak paylaşın abiler
    1. You don't have to paste any code.
      Read post carefully.
      You have to find the the code and make changes.
  4. It's not working
    1. I should work if you are using the official and latest patch of template.
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