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Plus UI v2.6.5 JS APIs

Before using these APIs please note that these are only available in v2.6.5, they will be removed in v3.

Get user IP info:

utils.getIp(refresh?: boolean): Promise<IpResult>

Use the above method of utils object to get the user ip information. The interface IpResult is as shown:

interface Location {
  cca2: string;
  city: string;
  iata: string;
  lat: number;
  lon: number;
  region: string;

interface IpResult {
  colo: string;
  country?: string;
  fl: string;
  gateway: "off" | "on";
  http: string;
  ip: string;
  loc: string;
  location?: Location;
  rbi: "off" | "on";
  sliver: string;
  sni: string;
  timestamp: number;
  tls: string;
  userAgent: string;
  visitScheme: string;
  warp: "off" | "on";
utils.getIp().then((result) => {
  console.log("The IP is", result.ip);

Multithreading using Web Worker

You can use utils.Worker constructor to create a new worker thread.

const worker = new utils.Worker((self, register) => {
  register((ctx) => {
    return {
      hello: ()=> `[from:worker]: Hello! ${ctx.message}`
}, {
  context: { message: "My message" },
  name: "my-worker"
});"hello").then(result => {

Formatting Blogger image url

utils.formatImage(bloggerImageUrl: string, options?: Options): string

You can create a new image url from existing blogger image url by modifying some of its parameters. Available options are:

interface Options {
  width?: number;
  height?: number;
  size?: number;
  ratio?: number;
  forceScaling?: boolean;
  flipHorizontally?: boolean;
  flipVertically?: boolean;
  rotate?: number;
  symbol?: number;
  download?: boolean;
  format?: "png" | "jpg" | "webp";
  cache?: number;
const bloggerImageUrl = "";

const modifiedImageUrl = utils.formatImage(bloggerImageUrl, {
  format: "webp"


There are more but they are not documented yet!

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