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Safelink and Shortlink - v2.6.*

Guide on installing Safelink and Shortlink.

Typography and Codes

All New Typography and Writing Formats in the lastest Plus UI v2.6

How to use Music Player

Easy steps to use Music Player in Plus UI v2.6

How to use Lazyload Adsense?

The posts are updated based on the Latest Template, please follow the steps if you are using version 2.6.1 Table of Contents …

How to use Bookmark Feature

Fineshop Design | Bookmark Posts Add Bookmark Widget Here are some steps to a…

Enable Realtime Post Views Counter

Easy steps to Enable Realtime Post Views Counter in Plus UI v2.6

How to Setup Google Translate

Fineshop Design | Google Translate Google Translate Widget is an Webpage Translat…

Installing Theme

A step-by-step guide for installing the Plus UI Template. It's recommended to back up your old theme data before installing the new theme. Do…

Meta Tags Settings

You can change this section or leave it as before, some of these settings will not have much effect on the appearance of your Blog but may have littl…

SVG Icon Sets

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