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How to use Lazyload Adsense?

Improve your Site Performance by lazyloading your Adsense Scripts.

The posts are updated based on the Latest Template, please follow the steps if you are using version 2.6.1

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Lazyload Adsense Scripts
Lazyload Adsense Scripts

Lazyload Adsense helps to improve your Site Performence and its loading time. If you want to lazyload your adsense scripts, here are few steps you have to follow.

You should not use lazyload adsense, while it is under review, you must add the adsense scripts in head section at that time. It is recommended to use lazyload adsense when Adsense has approved your domain, and Ads are ready to show on your domain.

* Follow the steps while your site is under review:

Find the following codes:

<!--[ Defer Adsense script use shinsenter/defer.js ]-->
<!--<script type='deferjs' src='' crossorigin='anonymous'/>-->

Uncomment the codes and replace the marked parts with your Publisher ID. It will look like:

<!--[ Defer Adsense script use shinsenter/defer.js ]-->
<script type='deferjs' src='' crossorigin='anonymous'/>

Using Lazyload Adsense

* Follow these simple steps to use Lazyload Adsense:

Find the following codes:

adsenseAds: {
  publisherId: caPubAdsense.replace('ca-pub-',''), /* Auto or replace with Publisher ID i.e. "000000000000", */
  antiAdBClose: "true", /* "true", if you want to add a Close Button in Anti Ad Block popup */
  ignoreMaxAge: "86400",
  loadType: "defer" /* lazy, defer, scroll */

If your blog is connected with your Adsense, then no need to replace the marked caPubAdsense.replace('ca-pub-','') otherwise you have to replace it with your Adsense Publisher ID. For eg. replace caPubAdsense.replace('ca-pub-','') with 0123456789012345.

Set the script loading type. For eg. lazy, defer or scroll.

While adding Ad Units, add the marked parts only:

<script async src=""
<ins class="adsbygoogle"
     (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({});

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  1. My blog is connected with my AdSense account; and I'm using auto ads from AdSense; What is the solution for auto ads? My website speed goes down after I'm getting AdSense approval.
  2. thanks you sir it really help my site to speed up.🙏
  3. Adsense Give
    script async='async' crossorigin='anonymous' src=''

    And you provided
    script type='deferjs' src='' crossorigin='anonymous'

    Is there an error here?
    1. Second one uses Defer js to make script load after page loads.
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